Your Weight in Space
Do you want to lose weight in one easy step? Yes? Well, here's how - move to the Moon! Okay, perhaps it's not really an easy step, but if you were to stand on the Moon, you would weigh less than you do on Earth. This is because the Moon has a weaker pull of gravity than Earth. However, if you were able to stand on an object like Jupiter, where the gravity is stronger, you would weigh more than you do on Earth!

Gravity will be explained elsewhere on this site as I suspect that the reason you have visited this page is because you want to know how much you weigh in various different places in space! So, without further delay, choose your destination, enter your weight (it doesn't matter which unit you use) and press the "calculate" button.

- The Sun - Mercury - Venus - Earth - The Moon - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - Neptune - Uranus - Pluto -

Please note that the calculations for Your Weight In Space are theoretical, based purely on the respective destination's gravity. In the case of the gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) and the Sun, there is no surface to stand on so the figure is based on the gravity at the edges of the objects' atmospheres. JavaScript is required to be enabled in your browser for the calculator to work.

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