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Question Answer
Is Venus bigger than Mercury? Yes, Venus is bigger than Mercury. Mercury has a diameter of 4,878 km, Venus has a diameter of 12,104 km.
Howwas mercury made? Mercury was made in a similar way to the other planets in the Solar System. The Solar System came from a spinning cloud of gas and dust (known as matter). Most of this matter went to the middle of the spinning cloud and formed the Sun. The rest of it went on formed the planets. Over billions of years, the matter clumped together with other matter, until it formed solid objects. The objects got bigger and bigger as they were clumped with other objects. As their gravity got stronger, it enabled the objects to form as spheres. There may have been many more spheres than there are now, but they collided with other spheres and formed the planets.
Katie and Kayla Wynn asked:
From what I have heard is that Mercury can get a lot hotter then Venus because it is closer to the Sun is this true? I would really like to find out because my little sister is doing a project on Mercury like how I did in third grade. This would really help us both.

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