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Question Answer
Hi Bob. Can you give me some facts about Earth, Sun and The Moon? You can find ten fascinating facts and theories about each planet in the Solar System and the Sun in each of their sections on this very website! Below are the links the the fact pages for Earth, Sun and the Moon:

The Sun:
The Moon:
Lynn Couperthwaite from Queensland, Australia asked: Dear Bob, Two Questions I'd like answers to: If it is full moon in Australia is it full moon in China ? If the Moon is full in Australia does America also have a full moon the same day? Regardless of where you are in the world, if there is a full moon in one country, there is a full moon in every other country. This is because when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun, the entire disc of the Moon is visible (causing it to be a Full Moon). This means that wherever you are on Earth, as long as you're on the side facing the Moon, it will appear the same as anywhere else on Earth. See Phases of the Moon for more details

Full moon diagram

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