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Flynt asked:
How old is Saturn and its rings?
Saturn is expected to be about the same age as the Sun - around 4.5 billion years old (4,500,000,000,000 years). The age of its rings is not really known. Some scientists believe that they are only 100 million years old (100,000,000 years which is quite recent in space history!), and may have been formed when an object like a comet collided with a moon of Saturn. Other scientists believe that they may be as old as Saturn itself and formed while Saturn was forming.
I do not think you have written how many hours or days it takes for saturn to orbit the sun. But your website is great and have a merry Christmas Merry Christmas to you too! Saturn takes 29 and a half years to orbit the Sun. Statistics about Saturn (and all of the other planets) can be found on the main pages to each planet now.

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