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Question Answer
On 20th September 2006, John Wachsman (13) from Pennsylvania, USA asked:
Bob, now that Xena has been discovered, and the World Astronomers have decided that Pluto, Ceres, and newly discovered Xena are dwarf planets, will you keep Pluto with the regular planets or create a "dwarf planets" section?
Thanks for your question about Pluto and the dwarf planets. I have started working on a "Dwarf Planets" section (here's a link to see a sneak preview - there isn't a lot there yet and no links are on the rest of the website to it yet, but if you go to it now, you'll probably be the first person to see it! In fact, I'll put a quick "hello" to you on that page!). Pluto will still have its own section for the time being since it is the most well-known of the dwarf planets. However, Pluto will now be referred to as a dwarf planet whenever it is mentioned throughout the website and not as one of the regular planets. In the future, Pluto's space on the main menu will probably be re-titled "Pluto and Dwarf Planets" so people wanting to read about Pluto or wanting to read about Dwarf Planets can find both easily.

A section about Pluto and Dwarf Planets is available here.

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