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Below are links to useful documents, tables, and reference guides hosted on this website.

Website Name Site Description
Timeline of Space Exploration A list of all past, present and future space missions which can be viewed in chronological order (split in five-year periods) or destination order.
Planetary Comparison Table Table containing statistics of the eight planets and the three dwarf planets. Can be viewed with measurements and temperatures in either kilometres and degrees celsius or miles and degrees fahrenheit.
Space A to Z Alphabetical glossary of common space terms, celestial objects, astronomers and missions.
Differences Between the Inner and Outer Planets Table detailing the main differences between the Inner Planets (rocky/terrestrial planets) and the Outer Planets (Gas Giants).
Moon Landing Map Map of the Moon including the landing sites of all manned Apollo missions plus several unmanned lunar probes.
Word Search Printable word search
Space Links A list of other websites related to this site's subject matter as personally visited by Bob the Alien and his dog!
Your Weight in Space Find out what you would weigh on different destinations in the Solar System.